Overview of Program

Have you ever wanted to make something? To use your hands or technology to create? Then you want to be a manufacturer, someone who takes raw materials and turns them into something more. Central Louisiana Technical Community College’s many manufacturing options can get you there. Whether it’s a six-month certificate program or a two-year technical degree, the skills you need are here, waiting for you.

Career Paths

Why Enroll?

Why take this step? A certificate in manufacturing could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in your paycheck – even doubling entry-level pay for some positions. It might just be what gets you the job in the first place, but it’s definitely what will help you keep it. The 15-hour program builds the core skills you need to get that entry-level position at a manufacturer like AFCO Industries. It also leads you to the test for a state-recognized credential from LED FastStart, which would make you even more competitive in the job search.

And it’s a launching point. You don’t have to stop with C4M. You can build on that knowledge four more times, specializing with a technical diploma or earning an associate’s degree. That makes you better at your job, more essential to your employer and higher paid.

Advantages of Completing the Program

1. Entry-level manufacturing positions are in high demand. Central Louisiana manufacturers RoyOMartin, Gilchrist Construction LLC, AFCO Industries and Eclectic Products Inc. already are partnering with CLTCC to produce more skilled workers. These and other companies are looking for potential employees here and now.

2. You can start off making $20,000-$30,000, but every level of education pushes that number higher. Take for example RoyOMartin, where starting pay is $13.35 an hour and the average work week is 45 hours. That’s more than $30,000 right at the start.

3. As skills grow through work experience as well as further training at CLTCC you will become more valuable and your pay would increase. Average pay at the plywood facility after one year is 9.5 percent higher than the starting rate, and after two years is over 15 percent higher. Average hourly employee pay is over $18 an hour – that’s over $42,000 a year.

4. Get a certificate in manufacturing in just six months. Stick around for longer and get further ahead with options ranging from a technical diploma to an associate’s degree from CLTCC.

5. Start while in high school with dual enrollment, and cut that time in half.

Financial Aid

There’s financial aid available to help pay for classes through several state and federal options – Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants, work study, Louisiana Go Grants, Workforce Investment Act, TOPS and TOPS Tech Early Start Program. There also are several funding opportunities for veterans. 

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